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Words 20000

1Words 20000 2-cess -ceed -cede -gress -grad -gred: to go/step/degree/walk 2.1access (ac|cess ækses) 2.2process (pro|cess ˈprɑːses) 2.3procession (pro|ces|sion prəseʃən) 2.4proceed (pro|ceed proʊˈsiːd) 2.5precede (pre|cede prɪsiːd ) 2.6exceed (ex|ceed ɪkˈsiːd) 2.7recede (re|cede rɪˈsiːd) 2.8procedure 2.9cease(ceas|e [cess] siːs) 2.10progress 2.11aggress 2.12graduate 2.13gradation 2.14gradient 2.15ingredient 1Words 20000 This is a detailed explained and exampled notes taken during conquering 20000 English words, by learning from “Online Etymology Dictionary | Origin, history and meaning of English words”, also, here is a none licensed but perfect free “Online Course from bilibili. Read more...

Scheduling in GO

golang goroutine schedule os thread
It’s important to have a general and representative understanding of how both the OS and Go schedulers work to design your multithreaded software correctly. - by The Author: ardan-bkennedy (William Kennedy) · GitHub Original Posts: Scheduling In Go : Part I - OS Scheduler Scheduling In Go : Part II - Go Scheduler Scheduling In Go : Part III - Concurrency Part I - Os Scheduler What is Executing? Read more...

English Grammar Digest

English Grammar Digest:english: 问题一:是否对英语语法体系有 整体认知 ? 问题二:为什么学语法? 基本句式 简单句及谓语动词 复合句 And 复杂句 词类 同一句型不同词类 十大词类 句子成分 vs 词类 谓语动词“三大本领” 谓语动词 vs 非谓语动词 核心:动词 结语 Verb Moods 回顾:英语动词 动词语气 English Grammar Digest Grammar can be tough!! 问题一:是否对英语语法体系有 整体认知 ? 问题二:为什么学语法? 所有的语法只有一个目的:造句。 基本句式 简单句及谓语动词 简单句(Simple Sentences) 什么 + 怎么样 句子成分(Parts of Speech) 两个最基本的句子成分是: 什么? 怎么样? 主语(Subject) + 谓语(Predicate) 几乎所有的英语句式都是 人或物 动作“干了什么”->(Verbs) 主语 + 谓语 有哪些“动作”(动词)? Read more...

MacOS Catalina GDB Setup

macos gdb debug
1Install GDB:gdb: 2Cerfificate 3Codesign 4Change default GDB bin 5Create .gdbinit 6References The Codesigned: (please check gdb is codesigned - see taskgated(8)) 1Install GDB brew install gdb 2Cerfificate -> Keychain access -> Certificate assistance -> Create a certificate Name: gdb Identity Type: Self Signed Root Certificate Type: Code Signing Let me override defaults -> continue -> until “Specify a Location for Certificate” Read more...

Effective Go

1Formatting 2Commentary 3Names 3.1Package Names 3.2Getters 3.3Interface names 3.4MixedCaps 4Semicolons 5Control structures 5.1If 5.2Redeclaration and reassignment 5.3For 5.4Switch 6Functions 6.1Multiple return values 6.2Named result parameters 6.3Defer 7Data 7.1Allocation with new 7.2Constructors and composite literals 7.3Allocation with make 7.4Arrays 7.5Slices 7.6Two-dimensional slices 7.7Map 7.8Printing 7.9Append 8Initialization 8.1Constants 8.2Variables 8.3The init Function 9Methods 9.1TODOPointers vs. Values 10Interfaces and other types 10. Read more...

The Go Programming Language Specification

1Keywords 2Types 2.1Boolean 2.2String 2.3Numeric 2.4Type Convert 2.5Array 2.6Slice 2.7Struct 2.8Pointer 2.9Func 2.10Interface 2.11Map 2.12Channel 3Declarations and scope ¶ 3.1Constant 3.2Type declarations 3.3Variable declarations 3.4Function declarations 3.5Method declarations 4make & new 5References 1Keywords break default func interface select case defer go map struct chan else goto package switch const fallthrough if range type continue for import return var 2Types 2.1Boolean import "fmt" func main() { var ToBe bool fmt. Read more...
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